6-"Tough Guy" Fiberglass Emergency Stretcher Cabinet



Tough guy" Fiberglass emergency stretcher cabinet

Whether you need to transport your stretchers or just want to keep them in storage without them getting damaged, the Tough Guy Fiberglass Emergency Stretcher Cabinet is an ideal product that will protect your investment. Made from quality materials and sized to fit the majority of modern stretchers, you'll find that this is a versatile cabinet. This premium cabinet measures at 87 high, 25 wide and 8 deep.

This cabinet comes with numerous features to improve durability. There is a UV-gel coating, weather gaskets, and stainless steel hinges. All of these are put in place to provide more protection and ensure that the stretcher inside is properly shielded against the weather or any other environmental hazards.

While the Tough Guy Fiberglass Emergency Stretcher Cabinet comes in orange as a standard, contact us if you would like another color. When you need to protect your investment, you can depend on the Tough Guy to ensure your stretchers are in tip-top shape.

Outside dimensions

  • Height — 87"
  • Width — 25"
  • Depth — 8"

Standard Color - Orange - other colors available by calling our office at 800-424-7575 or email at: info@cheyennemfg.com

3 - 4 Week Delivery on this product

Call for pricing over 3 cabinets

Please Call or email info@cheyennemfg.com for Quantity Pricing

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