"Clydesdale" Burro Cart



With large wheels and at a spacious 28" at the widest point, which goes thru most doorways and gateways, the "Clydesdale" Fiberglass Burro Cart is a popular dock cart for marinas or anywhere else where space is limited, but hauling is in high demand. Aside from being an economical product, you'll find the Clydesdale really lives up to its name because it can carry a lot without breaking down.Startin

Whether for the marina, at home or anywhere else, the large 20" wheels make it easy to move through docks, gangways or any path that you have. There are nine colors to choose from including blue, red, green and many more. You can also have your name or logo added to the side for no extra charge, which is perfect for business use or if you just want to personalize your cart.

For those who need to haul and space is tight and limited, the "Clydesdale" Fiberglass Burro Cart is perfect. Just try it out and you'll see why this is one of our most popular products.

  • 275 Pound, 6.5 Cubic Foot Capacity
  • 20" Spoke Rim and Solid Tire with Soft Pneumatic-Type Ride (No Flats)
  • ¾" Solid Steel Axle
  • 28" at Widest Point

Interior Dimensions

  • Height—34"
  • Width —20½"
  • Depth—13"

Other Uses

  • Yard work
  • Bark dust
  • Barn cleaning
  • Hay hauling
  • Wood storage
  • Marinas
  • Picnicking
  • Burro can be used as a cooler

Please choose your color, also we will Fiberglass your logo or name into the carts at no additional charge

Please Call or email info@cheyennemfg.com for Quantity Pricing

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